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Title: We That Are Young
Beta: professorspork
Fandoms: Frozen, Brave, extended Disney canon
Pairings: Anna/Kristoff, eventual others
Summary: Gates open and relationships mend, but there is more to being Elsa than being queen, and there is more to being a family than staying together. The open gates draw new forces to Arendelle, and fate never remains unchanged for long.
Author’s Note: This first chapter is a birthday present for counterpunches, who cheerled this fic’s development.

Chapter 1: In which family moments are had.

Also on AO3.

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The Dangers of a Beautiful Stranger

Whenever I watch the scene where Kristoff asks Anna questions on just how much she knows about Hans, since she claimed “Hans is not a stranger,” it is hard for me not to laugh a little or roll my eyes because of the answers she gives.

When Anna says that Hans is not a stranger, she says it because after having grown up reading fairy tales, a prince who looks and acts like one right out of a fairy tale has come to reality. She falls for him because he does everything she had wanted to do with a prince, such as flirting, dancing, taking a moonlit walk, and singing a romantic duet with him. During their entire “date,” Hans and Anna act so much like one another, including saying to each other that they are meant to be. And of course, Anna considers marriage to be the purest and strongest form of love, since it means that the man and woman will live happily ever after. So when Hans finally proposes, of course she says yes!

To Anna, her definition of love (and even that of Hans) is doing all of these things, and the fact that the attraction between her and Hans seems mutual also proves her point. In summary, because Anna has done everything with Hans that she had hoped to do with a man, it is why she believes they have true love. 

But here is the kicker: all of those things happened very quickly and easily and were fun to do because Anna was acting on a crazy romantic whim. She does not consider the fact that more serious matters can come into play into the relationship, including how well she knows Hans, especially since they just met only that day. Even though they had talked some, Hans and Anna did not communicate enough to get to know each other very well.

Referring back to when I mentioned that she says he is not a stranger because he is a prince right out of a fairy tale, a crucial flaw in Anna’s relationship with Hans is that she assumes things about him. So then when Kristoff asks her how well she really knows Hans, her poor answers represent how little she communicated with Hans and assumes these things; she does not know truly know about him. For every individual answer she provides Kristoff, here are my interpretations:

  • Last Name: This answer intrigues me especially in how Anna responds. I have an impression that she is trying to cover for herself in order to convince Kristoff that Hans is her true love. Notice that when Anna answers, first she scoffs, then rolls her eyes when she says, “Of-the-Southern Isles.” Also, the way she says it sounds a little bit slow, like she’s taking a moment to hesitate, but also trying not to delay it too long. I have doubts that she believes that it is actually his last name, but she improvises it on the spot to sound convincing to Kristoff. Of course, the Southern Isles are just where his home kingdom is located.
  • Favorite Food: Now with this question, she answers more quickly and even gives a little bit of a grin, indicating that she is confident in her response. But I think that this is another on-spot improvisation. We never see Hans tells Anna his favorite food, but when she improvises “Sandwiches!”, Hans responds, “That’s what I was gonna say!” It was this exchange that made Anna believe his favorite food are sandwiches, and it was the first word that came to Anna’s mind, so it’s why she gives it as answer.
  • Best Friend’s Name: As Anna answers, she looks at Kristoff with another bit of an eye roll while raising her eyebrows. Like the first answer, this may indicate this she is still trying to cover for herself and convince Kristoff otherwise. Now of course, the fact that she says “probably” is one of her assumptions, showing that she does not know at all. As said in the novelization, “Anna replied, reflecting that lots of people were named John. So maybe Hans’s best friend would be, too.” BTW, Hans is actually the Danish variant of John (see this post), so this could be an inside-joke.
  • Eye Color: Now when she answers to this, Anna moves her eyes to look up and brings her hands up to her chest, looking like she is in a lovesick daze. She even sounds like she is in the way she responds “Dreamy.” Now this indicates that Hans’s looks were the first thing she noticed about him, but because she is fixated on just how handsome and charismatic he is, she did not take time to notice the smallest details about him. That includes his eyes, which are green.
  • Foot Size: Anna answers the last question by starting still looking dazed, then she shifts her eyes in Kristoff’s direction. It’s subtle, but it could be because she is a little bit annoyed that Kristoff would think such details about someone would be so important. That, along with the fact that she has no official answer for this, is why she says, “Foot size doesn’t matter.”

Kristoff continues after this by asking Anna what if there were things about Hans that she hated, even asking if he would pick his nose. Again, Anna makes an assumption about Hans when she says, “Excuse me, sir. He is a prince,” meaning that she thinks Hans would never do that just because he is a charming prince.

Despite Kristoff’s inquisition, Anna firmly argues that she and Hans have true love. But again, she only believes this because they had done everything that she considers romantic, especially since they all happened so quickly and easily. Her idea of love has blurred her vision between reality and fantasy, so she does not act practical about this relationship.

And when Hans finally reveals his true colors, Anna gets a harsh reality check. Realizing just how well Hans had deceived her, she understands that she did not know him at all and that their engagement was a foolish mistake.

Though Frozen is a fairy tale, it delivers a good message about people. Even when you are all grown up, never rush into relationships, and never judge people by their appearances. Even the most handsome stranger can be the most dangerous foe.

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Anonymous Asked:
I like this hand analysis stuff! Elsa is definetly a lefty. But I think Anna prefers her right. She throws with her left, but everything else (punching Hans, knocking on the door, stopping the sword) is with her right.




Why am I now imagining Anna watching Elsa using her left hand, little rebellious princess before everything went wrong, forced to write with her right but stubbornly using her left for everything else.

And Anna, wanting desperately to be like Elsa, learned to use her left hand for some things. And still unconsciously sometimes does it. To be like her sister. ♡











I absolutely think that Elsa is a lefty but writing with your left hand was considered “improper” back then so she was probably forced to write with her right




❝ And I know now that I need to mend my mistake, and mend our bond. ❞

I think Brave is so under-estimated. Here is a strong female protagonist, who undergoes a trial which changes her for good. She goes from selfish, immature and rash, wanting to do things her own way, regardless of consequences, to accepting to change, and selfless and understanding. It’s done so well, in my opinion. People assume that the title Brave, just means that she was brave, and courageous. But no, she was brave enough to accept change, her own change and see the errors of her ways. 

Many times, when characters change, whether it be mindset or personality, they don’t exactly reflect back at their negative behaviors. Merida does that. She looks back at her character from the beginning of the movie and she realizes her flaws. God, Merida is one of the most beautiful characters ever. 

Admitting you are wrong and trying to fix it is one of the bravest things you can do.


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Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? by Kittykatpaws

That is just wonderful.





Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? by Kittykatpaws

That is just wonderful.


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she’s only klutzy when she’s nervous. Slipping while she and Hans slid in their socks, slipping on her way to see Elsa in the ice castle, slipping on the ice rink at the end. Before, when she slid across the floors by herself, she was fine. When she gets nervous she feels somehow “less” (“just” the spare) and it makes her clumsy, when in reality she’s perfectly capable.

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If you woke up tomorrow, and your internet looked like this, what would you do? 

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… the … third gif …

The way Elsa inhales through her nose, visibly grits her teeth and bares them as her eyebrows set and her lower eyelids pull up.

This is the point of no return. This is the threshold.

The path has shown itself. It’s sink or swim.

She never thought she’d use her powers for something like this. But she can’t go back. She can’t reverse.

Advance or abscond.



Bonus appreciation! The fifth, sixth and eight gifs: the physicality of Anna running down the stairs, stumbling on the ice and falling onto her knees; the movements of her hands, her arms and shoulders.

The reality of Anna’s character animation is palpable.

Just a reminder that that first “Elsa!” isn’t just Anna calling out for her, or yelling. It’s an actual scream. It’s Anna’s last chance to catch her, “Please!” begging her to stop running. 

But even Anna was not enough to quell Elsa’s fear. She is running on instinct, drowning in fear, trying frantically to find somewhere far enough to go. Elsa is all flight, terrified, trembling, and desperation.

She is anxiety. She is panic. This is an attack on all sides, from within and without.

And she needs to get out.

"this movie is not well animated" they said.

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"What Disney Characters ALMOST Looked Like”

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